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romance for the successful and attractive
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Ashburn, Virginia 
United States
Seeking: 31-44 y/o
Successful Male
Attractive Male
Anywhere in the world
Primary Interest: Casual Dating
Casual Dating,
Serious Dating
Height 5'4" in/162 cm
Weight 116-120 lbs/52-54 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Zodiac Sign: scorpioScorpio
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About Me
My overall appearance Very Good Looking
What is your body type? Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Languages I speak: French,German
Exercise: 3-4 times per week
Activities I enjoy: Baseball,Bowling,
Running,Sky Diving,
Preferred meeting time: Late Evening,Weekends
Interests I want to share with others: Beaches,Concerts,
About My Education and Occupation
Education:Graduate Degree
Income:$10K to $50K
Net Worth::$10K to $50K
Who I Want To Meet
Type of person I want to meet:Successful Male
Attractive Male
Age:31-44 y/o
Location:Anywhere in the world
Height:4'10" in/147 cm or below - 6'5" in/195 cm
Minimum income:No Preference
Minimum net worth:No Preference
My Overall Description
I am sensitive, warm, caring, open, and honest. My friends would say I am sweet, considerate, and thoughtful. I like giving surprises and seeing people happy! I may not be the life of the party, but I would laugh at any of your good jokes. I have a strong sense of what's right
Description Of Who I Want To Meet
More About Me
My Personality:
My Idea of Fun:
Reading books, watching film, watching football and playing football.
My Favorite Books:
The Sunday New York Times.
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